An Inspirational Thought...
Horizon line where the sky meets the sea is equal to the
beginning and end of mankind, both have yet to be defined.
We think we know where they begin and many think
they know where and when they end, but they
don’t and never will.
The horizon is like time it's infinite.
What we don’t realize is we are too, for are we not made
up from everything that surrounds that horizon,
and came to be what we are now over time?
This seems to be what everyone is just now discovering.
Next time your gazing out over that horizon give it a
thought and it’ll begin to all make sense.
I think the
real discovery lies in the fact we’ve all been living
with our eyes wide shut!
Enter now into your new lives
together as one, not with eyes wide shut but eyes
wide open
for the endless love you will share
together and the insurmountable
you will obtain working togther as one....